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Fall is coming to the Carolinas. It is great to be outside and to be in the forest again: The smell of the pine trees, a thick carpet of needles under your feet, the wind through the trees, the sound of a red cockaded woodpecker (Picoides borealis) in the distance and thousands of dimes and nickels laying on the forest floor.






Like every fall, the forest floor will be covered with large pinecones.  This year it is different, because our company is buying them!!






"Thousands of dimes and nickels laying on the forest floor?" 



Yes, we will pays you $0,15 per pinecone.  Your sale is GUARANTEED. Just give us a call a week before you collect your cones, to schedule pickup, and we will arrange shipping for you. You will receive your money directly when we come to pick up the cones.


Pinecones are a great fundraiser for a church, scouting Troop or sportsclub.Every kid likes to pick up pinecones. Itís almost like Easter egg hunting. The excitement of the hunt!!And this is even better: Every cone is another 15 cents for your club!!!


Unlike the popcorn sales or the girl-scout cookie sales, this is a business-to-business transaction.  It is a very simple, yet effective type of fundraiser: No difficult sales, no keeping track of money, no inventory control, no advertising etc.(And you do not need crazy liability insurance either.)


Just go out a few weekends in the fall. Make it a day filled with fun: Hot drinks, a snack and prizes. You can think of a prize for the largest cone, the scout that picks up the most cones, the pack that picks the most cones, the person that counts the most Red Cockaded Woodpeckers etc. etc. You can end the day with decorating pinecones, making animals from pinecones, making birdfeeders from pinecones etc.


††††††††† Great fundraiser for Youth Groups



On average, a personcan pick up 50 to 100 good cones per hour. That is about $7.50 to $15.00 per hour! Go out in the forest a few hours with a group of people, and you can earn up to $1,000 in a weekend.



Fall is the best time of year. Our company will purchase cones anywhere between September 01. and December 15. 2004. We will need most most cones mid-November.

We only by Long Leaf Cones 7 inches and up


We only purchase cones of the "Long-leaf Pine" (Pinus palustris Mill.).The cones will have to be at least 7 inch long, of a nice color, even and fully opened, not damaged or mildewed. (See picture)






Long leaf pine cones grow mostly on older trees (40 years or older) and can be found all over the South East.










You can go to a local State Forest, a National Forest or a commercial forest.  Check with your local forester. Perhaps you know some owners of a forest that grows long leaf pines, or know a company that harvests long leaf pine needles in older forests.

Keep in mind: The best place to search for cones is on sandy grounds without any undergrowth or vegetation. These are the safest and easiest places to look for cones. (see picture)



BONUS: The protected Red Cockaded Woodpecker prefers to live in old long leaf stands. If you get lucky you might spot one when you are picking the cones! (see picture)




If this sounds interesting to you, call 1-336-508-4110 for more details. To learn a little more about our company, checkout our website!


"There is money all over the forest floor!  All we have to do is pick it up!"